Failures are the Pillars of Success!


Today I went to the embassy to get the response for the visa application I submitted about a month back.

I had kept a lot of hopes on this. Today was like a junction in my life. If I get the permission to work, I would get a much better financial standing, more qualifications, more experience, etc.

So I went and waited on the queue waiting for the officer to read my name.

Mean while I remembered what my mother told me before I had to switch off my phone in-order to enter this office. She told me that what ever the result could be, don’t worry because God always have a plan for you and it will always show you the best possible path even it might look not great at this moment.

So while I was in the queue, I prayed God and asked him to make me strong to hold on to what ever the result that I would get in a while.

At the end I got my response and when I opened to cover I saw the letter headed “Notice of Refusal”. Yes I felt all my dreams crashing but only for a while. Don’t think I am trying to make myself a God’s child but within minutes I could recover because I had much worst experience where initially I though I failed but later I realized it was the best path for me.

I thanked God for making me comfortable with the result I received and then I went to meet my lawyer who prepared my application. After going thorough the letter I received, my lawyer start laughing, the person who examined my application had made a lot of mistakes. Lawyer promised me that he could argue on these matters and get my application approved.

After that talk he said that he would like to talk on a different topic with me and told me about starting his dream company. The company needs reliable software to make its decisions in other words the company would operate on the software. He had tried many Indians before and even one of his friends but he has never been able to make his dream come true. So he asked me whether I could make the software for him. According to my experience I felt like it would not be a huge challenge so I agreed to do it.

I don’t say that making software would replace all my dreams I had on having a work permit in rich country but I could win his heart and make him more prone to get my work done while I am working on to make his dream come true.

So what I want to emphasize here is that we have to be positive at every times regardless of the outcome. When I got that letter, I could simply get upset and go home or I could lose my enthusiasm on everything and make me the saddest guy on earth.

I learnt from it…

If my application was accepted at the first glance, I would never know how it feels when this type of hope is dissolved and very specially how to overcome this type of a situation which is a very valuable experience.

And I am very happy for getting this experience at this age itself. Because I had my parents to back me up rather than having this type of experience when I am a parent which I assume a much harder to face.

As I said in an earlier post…,

It’s all about the way we see things…

Cassian Menol Razeek

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