List.Find Method in C#.NET


The List.Find method requires a delegate function which can compare an
object of the same type of the list and return if the object matches the
target object.

You can either declare a delegate separately or use following easy shortcut.

Following example populates a list of people and then finds for a particular
entry in the list:

Public Class Person
   Private String Name;
   Private int Age;

   Public Person(String Name)
      this.Name = Name;

Class Program
      public static void Main(String[] args)
         List patients = new List();
         Person P1 = new Person("John");
         Person P2 = new Person("Ron");
         Person P3 = new Person("Martin");

         // find Ron from the list
         Person resultingPatient = patients.Find(delegate(Person p) {
                               p.Name == "Ron"; });

         Console.WriteLine("Name of the patient found : " +
resultingPatient.Name);   // Will print " Name of the patient found : Ron"


You can use the same method to implement a method which will do the search
for you as described below;

public Person FindPatient(String TargetName)
    Person P = patients.Find(delegate p) { return p == TargetName; });
    return P;



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