How To Read Articles On Financial Times For Free Saving £5.19 or $6.25 a week


It usually costs £5.19 or $6.25 a week to get unlimited access to FT (Financial Times).

You can open a free account which will allow you to access a certain number of articles a month.

Or You can follow below steps 🙂

What you need to do is :

  1. Search of Brows through FT and find the article you want to read.
  2. Copy the article heading
  3. Paste it into Google
  4. Google will show you a link to the appropriate FT article on (Google Search Results Page)
  5. Click on that link and you will be taken to the article!

How and why this works:

Financial times is a company which depends on publicity so they want Google to know what they have under the hood so that Google can tell people about them (FT) when people search.

Since all articles in FT have limited access, Google crawlers (software robots which helps Google to learn about web sites) will not be able to see FT articles, this will result in Google NOT effectively showing all Financial Times articles on search results.

To avoid such problems, Google has provided a mechanism for web site owners to provide special credentials for Google so its crawlers can use those credentials to access stuff limited to a regular internet user.

This makes FT popular, as they desire, and Google keep bringing people to their web site.

Financial Times treat a person who comes through Google differently than to a one who’s logged in and manages those article requests one at a time.

So they have no idea that you could be reading all of their articles through Google, One at a time, FOR FREE!

I had almost paid for a subscription when I thought to give a little effort to find a better way and this method saves me £5.19 (or $6.25) every week!

Hope this would help you too!


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