Don’t Let Celebrities Tell You How To Eat


Who are celebrities, they are a bunch of people who heavily depend on publicity.

So they have to do whatever it takes to keep their nose above the water.

Being good at anything alone doesn’t make a person a celebrity so it doesn’t matter what kind of a celebrity it is (sporting, acting, singing, cooking, business, etc…) they all have to keep doing something interesting to keep the money coming in.

Where does celebrities get their money from: Sponsors and companies NOT from normal people like us.

So they have to live the life defined by these companies and sponsors.

If you leave any personal interests and listens to the contents then you will realize that these people just amplify what’s the trend at the given time.

The big question 

Will you take advice from a celebrity about your family life? about how to raise your child? Leave this page now, if your answer is yes.

So Why Listen To Them? You can’t. If you do, you will only fail and feel bad about yourself for something utterly useless.

The bottom line

You are not a celebrity, you live a normal life where your body really matters and specially its endurance matters.

If you want to lose weight like I really do, then start listening to YOUR OWN BODY.

So Stop Starving Yourself, And DO what’s Practical for normal people like you and me.

Respect yourself, You serve this world a lot more than those empty souls.


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