ILT – AWordADay – Canonical

Canonical: Authorized, accepted, standard. e.g. While forgiving is the canonical thing in many societies, there are many people who still believe in revenge. Reference : Dictionary.comMenol ILT

ILT – AWordADay – Taboo

Taboo: Something that is forbidden socially but not necessarily illegal. e.g. Smoking marijuana is a taboo even in counties where it is not yet considered illegal. Reference : Menol ILT

ILT – AWordADay – Boycott

Boycott : Voluntarily avoiding using, buying or even dealing with a person, service, product, company or a country to express a disagreement or protest. Origination: A person called Charles Cunningham Boycott was protested by a community in Ireland by refusing him by shops and services like laundry and even mail delivery. Reference and more details:Continue reading “ILT – AWordADay – Boycott”

ILT – AWordADay – Ostracism

Ostracism : Refers to the procedure of expelling a citizen from the city/estate for reasons like political rivalry. Ostracism doesn’t have a relation to the process of justice. Origination : from ancient Greek word, ὀστρακισμός, ostrakismos. Which explained the procedure of expelling a citizen for ten years for reasons like expressing political anger at aContinue reading “ILT – AWordADay – Ostracism”

ILT – AWordADay – Utopia

Utopia : Refers to an ideal community or a society which possesses ideal (perfect) social, political and legal systems. History: The word was taken from the book written by Sir Thomas More (in 1516), called Utopia (a Greek word) which explains a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. Ref and more information: Menol ILT