How Software Engineers Became Software Developers

2015-09-29 This article looks at how and why modern software projects easily become messy and extremely convoluted. This article should not be understood as against new concepts but as a promoter of software engineering education, skills, and experience that allows engineers to make rational decisions to choose when a concept should be practiced. The History SoftwareContinue reading “How Software Engineers Became Software Developers”

Crosscutting concerns (in software design)

2015-09-22 In software designing crosscutting concerns are concerns (requirements) that span over many layers (tiers) of your application. Generally, the majority of the application functionality will be arranged in tiers and there will be some functionalities (examples below) that would span across those layers. these are crosscutting concerns. e.g. Authorization Caching Exception handling It is importantContinue reading “Crosscutting concerns (in software design)”

Protect your (software) architecture

09-10-2015 The most common problem I have seen in software projects that don’t have a responsible, capable, and experienced architect is that those projects tend to be very messy. Most such projects are filled with pretty much all technologies and libraries that were popular during the projects life time. The main reason behind this problem is: Software developers getContinue reading “Protect your (software) architecture”