You need a 64bit text editor to open IIS config files on a 64bit computer

18/09/2015 If you wanted to open or edit IIS 7+ config files on a 64bit computer and if you try to use an editor like 32bit notepad++ then you would get a random error from windows. The error I received was “The operation could not be completed. Unspecified error”. Well, it turns out the reason behindContinue reading “You need a 64bit text editor to open IIS config files on a 64bit computer”

Browser and length independent CSV download code

17-09-2015 Downloading a csv string as a file on browser can be troublesome. Some techniques don’t work for very long CSV strings and some techniques only work on some browsers. Below code is tested on Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 27.0.1, and Chrome 45.0.2454.93 m And you can extend the code (where it alerts user thatContinue reading “Browser and length independent CSV download code”

html css it is not possible to have inline styles for different aspects of an element like hover, and visited

You cannot specify css styles for different aspects of an HTML element. e.g. I wanted to do something like this. But you CAN NOT do this. Unfortunately the only solution is to write a custom css class and use it. Like this: Then use the class in your link —————— References: W3 Schools Stack Overflow