Congfigure IIS to use later .net frameworks

2016/03/07 When IIS is first installed you will most probably get several errors when trying to launch your website. This is more prevalent when your application needs a .net framework that is higher than the .net framework version supported by the IIS out of the box. To fix these errors you need to followContinue reading “Congfigure IIS to use later .net frameworks”

ASP.NET – AutoPostBack : What is AutoPostBack and How AutoPostBack Works

2008-12-26 Today I was experimenting on a grid view where I was trying to select multiple rows of the grid view using a check box column. I wrote some code in the CheckedChanged of checkbox but then I found that the code was not executed when the state of the checkbox is changed. So IContinue reading “ASP.NET – AutoPostBack : What is AutoPostBack and How AutoPostBack Works”