Using TextEditSettings.DisplayFormat To Format Your Data In DevExpress DataGrid

07-03-2012 // Devexpress doesn’t provide much information about how you can use this to format your data when you use DevExpress DataGrid. I have a code to create and format a devexpress datagrid dynamically at run time. I had to automatically format date to match the British system if the current data is ofContinue reading “Using TextEditSettings.DisplayFormat To Format Your Data In DevExpress DataGrid”

Oracle Trunc Function

2008-11-24 Among various helpful functions provided by Oracle, Trunc function took my attention today because I had to fix a defect where some one has misunderstood and misused this function. As the name itself suggests, the trunc function is capable of truncating a value. This function can be used either on a date type valueContinue reading “Oracle Trunc Function”