I learnt today…


As an IT professional, I go through many problems, challenges and new stuff everyday.

Every challenge I face teaches me a new lesson. Every problem shows me a new path.

Also I come across new stuff daily through various methods.

The interesting thing is that someday somehow we meet the same problem again and I have experienced it. In many times, I have remembered that I have faced a similar situation in the past.

The problem is that I don’t remember how I faced it!

So I thought to start a blog and write down everything I learn in a day.

I expect several things from this:

  1. To keep a reference to things that I learn on a daily basis
  2. To help the world; If anyone faces the same problem after I did and searches the Internet for a solution, I would be pleased if my past experience could help that person.
  3. Someday, use this as a way to turn back and see the challenges I have faced in the past.

God, help me to keep the enthusiasm and continue this endeavor !

Cassian Menol Razeek

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