How to force your website to download a file (rather than opening)

07/05/2013 I wanted to add a download link to one of my products. The file was an Windows Installer Package (*.msi). However, FireFox started to open the file on the browser rather than downloading it so when my visitors tried to download the installer they would rather see some gibberish on the browser because FireFoxContinue reading “How to force your website to download a file (rather than opening)”

What is a Permalink

2009-01-07 If you maintain or work around blogs then the word “Permalink” should be familiar to you. In early stages of the Internet all web addresses or URLs were static or permanent but as the web became more complex where large volumes of content is added daily, it became hard to handle in the usualContinue reading “What is a Permalink”

I learnt today…

2008-11-21 As an IT professional, I go through many problems, challenges and new stuff everyday. Every challenge I face teaches me a new lesson. Every problem shows me a new path. Also I come across new stuff daily through various methods. The interesting thing is that someday somehow we meet the same problem again andContinue reading “I learnt today…”