How to Search for UnRead Emails On Gmail?

26-09-2012 How to find un-read emails that are hidden under stacks and stacks of read emails? Simple, just add is:unread to your search then Gmail will bring all unread emails relevant to your search. For example, if you want to see all unread emails from your Friends circle: Usually you would use circle:friends in theContinue reading “How to Search for UnRead Emails On Gmail?”

Change the Firefox Address Bar Search Engine

17-07-2012 1. Type about:config in your address bar 2. Search and locate the key called “keyword.url” 3. Double click on the key and update the search URL to match the search engine you desire. Following are the URLs for common search engines: Google: Yahoo: Ask: Bing: DuckDuckGo: Menol ILT

A Simple JavaScript To Get English Language Definition From A Dictionary

2009-05-19 English is not my first language so I use online dictionaries frequently as a part of my daily routine to clarify and learn unfamiliar words as I read through articles in the Internet. I have been using for a long time and I had the plan to make this work easy by creatingContinue reading “A Simple JavaScript To Get English Language Definition From A Dictionary”

What is a Permalink

2009-01-07 If you maintain or work around blogs then the word “Permalink” should be familiar to you. In early stages of the Internet all web addresses or URLs were static or permanent but as the web became more complex where large volumes of content is added daily, it became hard to handle in the usualContinue reading “What is a Permalink”

Internet Explorer Major Security Flaw!

2008-12-16 Internet Explorer, one of the most widely used Microsoft products, Considered as the world’s most popular web browser has received a Red Alert! The situation was raised when Andreas Sandblad from Sweden reported a vulnerability to Microsoft. The vulnerability: Point of Origin: The Cross-Domain Security Model Fix: Not Available Yet, Microsoft is still investigatingContinue reading “Internet Explorer Major Security Flaw!”