Internet Explorer Major Security Flaw!

2008-12-16 Internet Explorer, one of the most widely used Microsoft products, Considered as the world’s most popular web browser has received a Red Alert! The situation was raised when Andreas Sandblad from Sweden reported a vulnerability to Microsoft. The vulnerability: Point of Origin: The Cross-Domain Security Model Fix: Not Available Yet, Microsoft is still investigatingContinue reading “Internet Explorer Major Security Flaw!”

What is a Trojan Horse and How does it Attack Computers?

2008-12-08 A Little History Trojan War is considered as the most significant conflicts in Greek mythology. This is where Trojan horse comes into play for the first time. The great warrior Odysseus brought this strategy to find a way into the city of Troy. He commanded his army to make a massive wooden horse largeContinue reading “What is a Trojan Horse and How does it Attack Computers?”