What is a Permalink


If you maintain or work around blogs then the word “Permalink” should be familiar to you.

In early stages of the Internet all web addresses or URLs were static or permanent but as the web became more complex where large volumes of content is added daily, it became hard to handle in the usual way.

The involvement of database driven systems was necessary to manage large volumes of web content.

The URLs used with these systems were not human readable and each URL is only brings a main or central page and loads the requested page from their.

Ex/ Non-Permanent (Old) link for the Wikipedia page for Albert Einstein


As you can see, these dynamic URLs do not provide a permanent link to the relevant page. The part “Albert_Einstein” is only a parameter sent to the internal CGI of Wikipedia.

A Permalink is a permanent link for each item in the web site or domain. With this concept each page of a domain gets a unique permanent URL.

Ex/ Permalink for the Wikipedia page for Albert Einstein


Why Permalinks are Helpful for Bloggers…?

In blogs, post goes down the stack as new posts arrive. So when permalink is enabled, each of your post gets an individual URL so that anyone on the Internet can link to your post from their site or blog without depending on what happens at your blog.

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Cassian Menol Razeek

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