How to Search for UnRead Emails On Gmail?

26-09-2012 How to find un-read emails that are hidden under stacks and stacks of read emails? Simple, just add is:unread to your search then Gmail will bring all unread emails relevant to your search. For example, if you want to see all unread emails from your Friends circle: Usually you would use circle:friends in theContinue reading “How to Search for UnRead Emails On Gmail?”

ILT – How to Create a Simple ArrayList Within XAML

25-09-2012 Following is a sample to create a simple ArrayList in XAML. This most of the time serves as a simple straightforward data-source to test your controls. If you wondered like I did, Following is the definition of col and sys namespaces. Add these lines to the main tag (Window, UserControl, etc.) of your XAMLContinue reading “ILT – How to Create a Simple ArrayList Within XAML”