How to Save a Copy of a Visual Studio 2005 Solution


Sometimes things we consider as simple take much time to be accomplished than we expect just because we forget!

Today I wanted to save a copy of a web based visual studio 2005 solution but it took life 10 minutes for me to accomplish that because I had completely forgotten the method to do it. Since keeping track of what I learn is one objective of this blog I decided to include this small detail today.

How to save a copy a solution in visual studio 2005 (Save As)

Select the solution (click on it) in the solution explorer

Now go to File menu and there will be a command to Save the solution to any place you want.


If your solution name is “My Solution.sln”

When you select your solution in the solution explorer and go to the file menu, you will see command like:

Save My Solution.sln As

Simply click on that and you will get the usual Save As dialog box.

Some Details

Even though you can select the place to save project files in web based solutions such as web sites, the solution is saved in a different location which is located in your My Documents folder.

The solution file contains information about your projects and files including paths so if you want to move the entire solution to a different computer to continue work on a different workstation then this tip will become handy unless you don’t forget things as I do 😀

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Cassian Menol Razeek

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