ILT – How to Programmatically Get Version Information of a Visual Studio Solution

03-10-2012 How to get major, minor, build and revision version figures for a visual studio solution (using c#)? Menol ILT    

Is Order Of OleDbCommand.Parameters Important

01-08-2012 The order of the parameters collection of an OleDbCommand must match the order to which those parameters appear in the SQL statement. Otherwise the .net framework will try to fill the parameters in your SQL statement according to the order of parameters in the OleDbCommand.Parameters collection. This can cause an Data type mismatch inContinue reading “Is Order Of OleDbCommand.Parameters Important”

Using Regular Expressions With Find And Replace In .Net IDE

06-06-2012 Use any regular expression to make your match. Then use {} pairs to define blocks of the search string you want to use in the Replaced string. Example: following find and replace strings will replace all occurrences ” report(number) ” to¬† ” // report – number ” in the following sample code. Sample CodeContinue reading “Using Regular Expressions With Find And Replace In .Net IDE”

How to Save a Copy of a Visual Studio 2005 Solution

2008-12-22 Sometimes things we consider as simple take much time to be accomplished than we expect just because we forget! Today I wanted to save a copy of a web based visual studio 2005 solution but it took life 10 minutes for me to accomplish that because I had completely forgotten the method to doContinue reading “How to Save a Copy of a Visual Studio 2005 Solution”