The nun-butt-toast software engineering pattern

22/05/2015 This article: 1 – tries to illustrate how pointless it is to use unusual names and phrases to label simple strategies most Software Engineers have already been using for many years. 2 – tries to be one of very rare articles on the Internet to tell strong-willed Architects and Software Engineers that they areContinue reading “The nun-butt-toast software engineering pattern”

ILT – Divide and Conquer Strategy – Why it is so powerful

08/02/2013 Divide and Conquer is a very interesting and effective strategy that has been used by many technical experts, leaders, mangers, and warriors through out the world for many years. Following is a story of the famous Sri Lankan king Dutugemunu. Apparently he learnt the lesson from an old woman! King Dutugemunu was fighting hisContinue reading “ILT – Divide and Conquer Strategy – Why it is so powerful”

Replace Function Doesn’t Replace Double Quotation in VBA

13-11-2012 I had to remove all double quotation marks from a string using VBA. I tried to do this by using the Replace function as shown below. Also Note that two double quotation marks are used to represent the quotation mark. This is because the quotation mark is a special character in VBA and weContinue reading “Replace Function Doesn’t Replace Double Quotation in VBA”

ILT – How to Programmatically Get Version Information of a Visual Studio Solution

03-10-2012 How to get major, minor, build and revision version figures for a visual studio solution (using c#)? Menol ILT