ILT – Divide and Conquer Strategy – Why it is so powerful


Divide and Conquer is a very interesting and effective strategy that has been used by many technical experts, leaders, mangers, and warriors through out the world for many years.

Following is a story of the famous Sri Lankan king Dutugemunu. Apparently he learnt the lesson from an old woman!

King Dutugemunu was fighting his opponent, King Elara. During these days, the king used to go walk among general public in disguise to learn what they think about him.

One day, King Dutugamunu went to an old woman’s house and said he was so hungry.  She didn’t know this was the famous young prince. but being a kind hearted woman she quickly made some milk rice for this young stranger.

She served it “hot” and since the king was honestly hungry he started to eat while it’s hot and did what we all do with hot food:

He started eating bits from everywhere in the plate and ended up burning his tongue.

Then the lady laughed and said “you eat this the same way our king Dutugamunu is fighting Elara” (she din know she was talking to the king himself)

being curious he asked what she meant.

she said “He attackes from different areas at once so he can’t use his full power. but if he used his full power on one village at a time then he could capture that vilage and move on to the next”

“and..”, she continued, “if you start eating from a corner of your plate then you can make that corner cold and make your way into the plate without getting burnt”

So the king took her advice and ate the plate sooner.

Later on the king utilized the “devide and conquer” approach and won the war.

This concept has also being taught in famous chinese wrting “the art of war” and this is the approach used, like many other polititions around the world, by current Sri Lankan president to win his elections. He holds a single election in a small region at a time and win it by concentrating full power on that area rather than arranging a major election across the country.

This is, I think, what you should do, this willl help you complete your work on time without even feeling how complex the overall project is.



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