Looking Back at 2008!


I am not happy about my last year because I did not make much significant achievements on my carrier in the year! At the beginning of the year I had a goal to obtain MCTS certification but I could not achieve that.

However there were some small achievements as well:

What I feel as the best achievement of the last year is this blog itself. I made this on November and I am very happy about this because it feels so great to see someone out there is reading my posts.

A software solution provider company chose me as a technical consultant to solve their problems and I am so happy that I could solve many problems that many of their staff could not solve. I consider this as one of my major achievements of the last year.

I have survived in my work place and after taking the recent lay-offs into my consideration, I would take this as an achievement!

I could take my family on a trip and they were so happy about it and we all enjoyed it. It was the best personal achievement for me!

Also me and my girl friend could go several short picnics to beautiful places like beaches. Those were romantic achievements to me because those moments brought us even closer to each other!

I don’t remember everything I achieved or missed through out the last year at this moment so I will publish this post at this point and will update as I remember…!

Cassian Menol Razeek

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