My Goals for the New Year 2009!


It’s a New Year…!

I want to be much more improved in both my personal and professional lives when I look back at the end of this New Year!

So I decided to make a list of goals I want to achieve in this year. And I will make sure that I achieve my goals as I go on living this New Year.

Goals for My Professional Life:

I have a set of goals which will improve the quality of my professional life and will increase the value of me in the profession. If I directly go to the list…

  1. Obtain MCTS Certification
  2. Obtain SCJP Certification
  3. Be More Competent on My Work at My Office
  4. Make My Clients Happy
  5. Find More Freelance Work
  6. Create Several Methods to Earn Some Money Online

Goals for My Personal Life:

  1. Keep My Family Happy
  2. Focus More on Health of My and My Girl Friend’s Parents
  3. Cut Extra Fat I Have Gained and Get the Body I Used to Have
  4. Learn to Play Guitar – ANYHOW!!!
  5. Go to Swim

My Financial Goals:

  1. Open a Fixed Deposit Before the End of June

Other Goals:

  1. Obtain Work Permit
  2. Give Clothes Regularly to Children of a Poor Family

These are the Goals I have in my mind at the moment and I will update the list as I go on…!

Yes, I know, I will have to work so hard if I want to have all of these achieved at the end of this year. I will definitely make this dream come true with the great help from my parents, my girl friend and all my friends around me and always the best helper, The God!

I wish the whole world, a Happy and Successful New Year!

Cassian Menol Razeek

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