Congfigure IIS to use later .net frameworks

2016/03/07 When IIS is first installed you will most probably get several errors when trying to launch your website. This is more prevalent when your application needs a .net framework that is higher than the .net framework version supported by the IIS out of the box. To fix these errors you need to followContinue reading “Congfigure IIS to use later .net frameworks”

Books I have read since the beginning of 2016

These are the books I have read (or listened to their audio counterparts) since the beginning of 2016. I am not going to write my opinion about each of these books, instead I hope you too trust the majority of the people from around the world who have recommended these great books, like I did before choosingContinue reading “Books I have read since the beginning of 2016”

ILT: [Solved] Nexus 5 Randomly Restarting After Upgrading to Marshmallow

One night I allowed my Nexus 5 to upgrade to the latest Android version (Marshmallow) but from next morning my phone was behaving very strangely. It kept restarting randomly and became almost useless and completely unreliable.   The Problem The problem seemed to be related to battery calibration information. Upgrading to Marshmallow somehow corrupted orContinue reading “ILT: [Solved] Nexus 5 Randomly Restarting After Upgrading to Marshmallow”

How Software Engineers Became Software Developers

2015-09-29 This article looks at how and why modern software projects easily become messy and extremely convoluted. This article should not be understood as against new concepts but as a promoter of software engineering education, skills, and experience that allows engineers to make rational decisions to choose when a concept should be practiced. The History SoftwareContinue reading “How Software Engineers Became Software Developers”

Using sqlpackage.exe parameters and properties to publish your db with less hassle

2015-09-25 This article is for anyone who already knows how to use sqlpackage.exe. Visit the Microsoft link at the bottom to learn about sqlpackage.exe usage. Where I work we use sqlpackage.exe to deploy our database snapshots (DACPACs) to various locations. Since I have started to use this I faced several problems as the script wasContinue reading “Using sqlpackage.exe parameters and properties to publish your db with less hassle”

Crosscutting concerns (in software design)

2015-09-22 In software designing crosscutting concerns are concerns (requirements) that span over many layers (tiers) of your application. Generally, the majority of the application functionality will be arranged in tiers and there will be some functionalities (examples below) that would span across those layers. these are crosscutting concerns. e.g. Authorization Caching Exception handling It is importantContinue reading “Crosscutting concerns (in software design)”