C# ASP.NET – GridView : How to Keep Modified Data of Template Fields when Paging is Enabled?

2008-12-04 Today I had to take care of a problem of a certain company (CIS) that I consult. They had a problem of keeping the values modified in a template field of a gridview when the user moves from one page of the grid to another. Template fields allow us to add custom columns intoContinue reading “C# ASP.NET – GridView : How to Keep Modified Data of Template Fields when Paging is Enabled?”

Failures are the Pillars of Success!

2008-12-01 Today I went to the embassy to get the response for the visa application I submitted about a month back. I had kept a lot of hopes on this. Today was like a junction in my life. If I get the permission to work, I would get a much better financial standing, more qualifications,Continue reading “Failures are the Pillars of Success!”

Postponing (Procrastination) – Makes your goals blot away and ruins your personal life

2008-11-30 I have been postponing things since I don’t know when… I consider this as a major mistake that we all make and the most unfortunate thing is that we don’t feel we are going down because procrastination takes us down slowly. In other words, you will not even notice that you have not checkedContinue reading “Postponing (Procrastination) – Makes your goals blot away and ruins your personal life”

How Mimic Octopus Takes Form Of Venomous Sea Creatures

2008-11-29 When we talk about animal camouflage, the first creature that hits our minds is lizard. If we leave the earth surface  and swim deeper we can find octopus a master of disguise. Octopus can alter its color and skin texture to blend into its surroundings to fool away predators such as sharks which are keenContinue reading “How Mimic Octopus Takes Form Of Venomous Sea Creatures”

Oracle Trunc Function

2008-11-24 Among various helpful functions provided by Oracle, Trunc function took my attention today because I had to fix a defect where some one has misunderstood and misused this function. As the name itself suggests, the trunc function is capable of truncating a value. This function can be used either on a date type valueContinue reading “Oracle Trunc Function”

Tough Guy Or Nice Guy?

2008-11-23 Yesterday I bought this new book “How to get what you want from almost anybody” today I could read the introduction of the book and thought to put what I learnt from that as today’s post. The author explains one of his experiences at air port. The guy who was before him in theContinue reading “Tough Guy Or Nice Guy?”

It’s all about the way we see…

2008-11-22 Today I went to a party at my dad’s office. There I met this wonderful person who is 57 years old now. Let me tell something that I found about him: He’s 57 years old now and married. His wife still works abroad as a house maid and his all sisters are abroad inContinue reading “It’s all about the way we see…”

I learnt today…

2008-11-21 As an IT professional, I go through many problems, challenges and new stuff everyday. Every challenge I face teaches me a new lesson. Every problem shows me a new path. Also I come across new stuff daily through various methods. The interesting thing is that someday somehow we meet the same problem again andContinue reading “I learnt today…”